The solution

About PE-online

PE-online is a comprehensive solution. Xaurum’s team of experienced advisers will guide you through the entire implementation process. PE-online is incredibly flexible and can easily be adjusted to meet your needs and wishes.

Wat does PE-online do?

PE-online is an application that serves to reduce the administrative burden of registering and tracking quality standards. Thanks to its high degree of standardisation, PE-online can be used in various different contexts, including:



Personal Registry


Business Registry





  • Dynamic forms
  • Up-to-date course schedule
  • Fully digital
  • Link to LMS

Personal Registry

  • Track current progress
  • Invoicing
  • Access via desktop, mobile & app
  • Training credits updated automatically

Business Registry

  • Search on map
  • Track current requirements
  • Link to personal registry
  • Fully integrated communications


  • Online visitation file
  • KISZ, QS, referral survey
  • Standard framework reporting
  • Monitor progress


  • Custom questionnaires per target audience
  • Linked to GAIA account
  • Automated reporting
  • Secure online environment

All possibilities

Of course, the features listed above can also be linked together or combined. For a complete list of PE-online’s features, please check out our menus.

You can download our menus below:

The working method

If you are interested in PE-online, you can request a free demo. During this demo, we will explain the fundamentals of the product in a session tailored to your needs. Afterwards, we will ask you some questions and request some documents to help prepare a suitable quote for you.

The implementation process consists of several stages:
  • Demo

    During a free demo, we’ll explain what PE-online can do for you. You will have ample opportunity to ask questions and the demo will be tailored to your situation.

  • Quotation

    Based on a demo and documentation provided by you, we will draw up a general analysis, which we will provide to you as part of a non-binding quotation that will be fleshed out in the next stage.

  • Preliminary investigation

    In this quotation, we will lay down all decisions and design choices made so far. In one or more sessions, we will then explore the best way to implement PE-online,

    involving other parties such as website developers and CRM suppliers where necessary. This will be followed by a fixed price cost summary.

  • Implementation

    After you sign off on the preliminary investigation, we will carry out the implementation remotely. Until we contact you for additional information, you don’t have to lift a finger.

  • Course

    When the implementation is done, we will schedule a course, in which we’ll explain how everything works, as well as crossing our Ts and dotting our Is.

    At the end of the course, we will deliver a fully operational system.

  • Fine-tuning

    Finally, we will agree on a start-up period during which you can flag issues and fine-tune your new system free of charge..

The implementation process is always guided by an expert account manager who will also serve as your direct contact afterwards.

PE-online is a product of Xaurum.
Xaurum is ISO27001 certified.